August 29, 2010

Is your iPad stuck in "Genius"?

Here's a random little iPad bug I discovered the other day. Know how you can access Apple's "Genius" recommendations within the iTunes app on the iPad? Somehow, I managed to get stuck on a Genius page in the Movies section, with no way to get back to the main Movies page. Weird, and apparently I wasn't the only one to get stuck.

Normally in the iTunes app for iPad, there's a module on the top of "Genius" and "Featured" pages with tabs for "Featured," "Genius," and "Top Charts"—so if, for instance, you're done checking out your Genius recommendations, you can tap the "Featured" tab to leave Genius and go back to browsing.

Little did I know, however, that I'd made the mistake of performing a title search while in Genius mode—and when I backed out of the search results page, the module of tabs at the top of the Genius page was (for whatever reason) gone. No module, no way to get out of Genius. Even a restart didn't do the trick.

Luckily, I found an easy fix in the Apple support forums: just tap on the Music tab in the iTunes app, make sure you're on the "Featured" music page, hit the Home button, and then restart the iPad. VoilĂ —all fixed. Why that particular remedy works (and there may be others fixes, too) is beyond me, but hey ... I'll take it.