December 23, 2010

My weekend project: Rabbit ears!

My cord-cutting experiment continues, this time with a pair of run-of-the-mill rabbit ears from Radio Shack ($10). I just connected it via coaxial cable (ah, memories) to our 46-inch Sony Bravia, and yes — all the major networks are present and accounted for, in relatively good (if occasionally blocky, depending on whether I'm actually holding the antennas or not) HD. Keeping the rabbit ears sitting on the radiator probably won't fly for very long, though. (By the way, the antennas are retracted in the photo only because it makes for a better picture.)

Next step: Getting a PC TV tuner and setting it up with Windows Media Player for a little over-the-air DVR action. Stay tuned (har har).


  1. I've had success with a ClearStream2 DTV antenna in my attic, an HDHomeRun ATSC tuner, and MythTV:

    Tried the Shack rabbit ears here first (mine cost $12), but they didn't pull enough signal strength so they went to the garage sale this summer. The ClearStream2 is many times better.

    -- DrJohn

  2. Wow — nice antenna, glad to hear you're getting good reception indoors. I decided to go for the cheapest antenna I could find, just to see what kind of reception I could get. Might upgrade eventually, but will invest in the PC TV tuner first.

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