January 29, 2011

New PS3 firmware foils HDD upgrades, bricks my console

One of the best aspects of the PlayStation 3 is Sony's unusually considerate policy of letting users upgrade the built-in hard drive themselves, using any compatible third-party notebook drive. That means you can head over to Amazon, pick up a massive 500GB HDD for $60 or so, bust out a screwdriver, swap in the new drive, format it, transfer your data, and you're set — no need to shell out, say, $130 for a proprietary 250GB hard drive. (Looking at you, Microsoft!)

Seeing as my old 40GB PS3 hard drive had been getting pretty cramped lately, I figured it was high time to trade up. So I watched a few how-to videos, got my 500GB Western Digital HDD from the UPS guy, unplugged my PS3, and warmed up my screwdriver. Should be smooth sailing, right?